Forever Dying​/​/​Forever Dead

by Hadak Ura

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released April 6, 2015

Album Written and recorded by Hadak Ura.
Album art by Ethan Lee Mcarthy:



all rights reserved


Hadak Ura Ohio

Hadak Ura is:

James Watson
Pat Snyder
Joel Archibald
Ty Owen
John Thompson


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Track Name: High End Trash
Another sunken in face
Another lost cause
The cracks start to appear
In your worthless life
The cracks start to appear
And show how hollow you are
Do everyone a fucking favor
And fucking die already
Track Name: I Am Death, Destroyer of Worlds
The world is dying
Not soon enough
The cancer is spreading
Not soon enough
This world is dying
Never soon enough
I want to be the cancer
That brings the world to its knees
There will be no sympathy
When I am done
Cemeteries are filling up
Not soon enough
Fires burn away the filth
Never soon enough
There will be no sympathy
When I am done
Track Name: Help Is On The Way
Help is on the way
In more ways than one
The dealer on your corner
Is taking all calls
And if we’re fucking lucky
You’ll just o.d. tonight
Track Name: The Confession of Steve Walker
I am you, and you are me
Living as one split personality
All I want
is destruction
All I want
is suffering
Another sleepless night
With no recollection
With blood on my hands
And a body in my bed
Track Name: Mass Consumption
Fed on Fears and lies
Then directions change like the tides
Viral outbreaks, Celebrity gossip
Keeping you entertained and appalled
Counting down the days
To an uneventful demise
You hide behind a closed mind
Locked with the truths
Told by false prophets
Track Name: Staring Into the Abyss
As days turn to months
Images of you start to fade
Memories insist on staying
As the dust settles
Im left alone
As the dust settles
Im lost and confused
All alone against the world
Track Name: The Frostghost Part I (The Awakening)
The fog has over taken
in the black of night
a sudden chill creeps over me
as my blood begins to freeze
The howling winds are cold
As if there's another presence
I hear whispers
in the wind
Icy fingers grab my throat
As I struggle to breathe
All I see before
everything goes black
Are cold dead eyes
staring into mine
through the fog